Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Having Pot Roast in June instead of grilling

Weird concept, isn't it? Just shows what a cool and rainy June can do to one's appetite. Pulled a 5 pound chuck roast out of the freezer and babied it for about 3 hours in the oven. We enjoyed it with company the first night while sitting in the dining room with all the windows closed and looking at the cold wind play on the lake. The second night we had it out of mugs for early supper as beef stew while sitting in our sweatshirts on the porch in the crispy June evening sunshine. Just stashed the leftover meat in the freezer for vegetable soup later - perhaps a cool September day. Normally would be thinking mostly about grilling this time of year.

In fact today I read Mark Bittman in today's New York Times about all the ways there are in the universe to grill something, and alot of it is not meat. I really wonder if it was hard to stretch this list to 101 items or if they just rolled out of his head in gush of creativity.

Lesmeatarian: what I would like to be and what Mark Bittman is now calling his vow to be vegan during the day and omnivore at night - not that I've tried really hard to emulate it yet - so I admire the inclusion of recipes for grilled tofu, radishes and of course fennel. Actually am going to try those radishes.

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