Sunday, June 03, 2007

Slow Food movement hits Topinabee

One of the most comforting things I've stumbled upon in the past few years of war and environmental hysteria is the Slow Food Movement. If only we can all remember to appreciate where our food comes from, why we need to protect farmers and grow some of our own, and for heaven's sake, care about what we put in our mouths, the world might just last another millineum.

I'm contributing by having the largest vegetable garden in Topinabee. Also I'm carrying on family tradition by gardening in the same spot Bob's Father used to famously garden in, across the road from our summer house, which used to be Bob's parent's house. The big news is that the garden got planted earlier than every this year and I'm filled with that premature optimism that everything will come up perfect. In fact, I see myself standing at the public dock, handing ears of organic sweet corn to passers by.

We're growing Burgundy green beans, yellow Swiss Chard (I quietly enjoy these anomalies), plus Italian mix of lettuce, sweet peas for Bob, Detroit red beets (standard variety, but appropriate...get it?...Detroit...), a couple hills of Patti Pan squash (really cute), a couple of zuchinni (am hostile towards, but trying to appreciate), and my pride and joy, four 20' rows of corn. Oh yea, also the tomotoes. Cousin Donna Gene is supposed to be bringing some heirloom plants her husband raised, but she's late so I've started with 9 various hybrids (feel guilty about that too). Rain all day today, so I'm looking for some good action next week. Already after 8 days, most are peeking through the sandy soil we have here. Stay tuned.