Thursday, March 30, 2006

Feasting Goddesses

I recently saw a refrigerator magnet that said "A Good Cook is Never Lacking in Friends." This gives me pause as to my motives in giving dinner parties. Yet there are few moments of gratification as simple as when a guest praises your food.

I also recently caught a piece of a personality quiz somewhere that asked "Would you rather be a host or a guest at a party?" I'd rather be a host, by a long shot.

Speaking of which, these are the Goddesses enjoying my cooking during my hiatus at home in late September 2005. Since it was immediately post hurricane, we had murky dark gumbo (delicious I might add) in honor of New Orleans and our collectively fond memories of the place...mine anyway. It's really amazing how much noise 8 middle age women can make while also eating and drinking voraciously.