Friday, October 24, 2008

They know my name at the Breakers

At least some of them do. Well, Bob's cousin's son does and he works at the Breakers as day manager. And I think the owner Derek knows me by now. After all the hours I've spent sitting at the bar with my laptop using the free wifi he should. I hope we're not just one of the summer people to him. At least he has been friendly and attentive recently. Also for some reason he's doing alot more waiting tables himself. New girlfriend in evidence last night. Maybe that has something to do with it.

We arrived last night about 6:30 and bar was full and noisy. Thought it was the Volunteer Fire Department night - they go out for rowdy beers after the weekly training meeting and we've encountered them before. But that's on Wednesday. No, it was just the weekday after work crowd. Lots of tradesmen. Lots of beer. Lots of smoking. Things got alot quieter after happy hour was over.

We sat at a table to wait for cousins Chris and Frank and moved against the wall to avoid the smoke. Some nights it's not too bad and others it's awful. By the time we get home we often have to toss all our clothes in the hamper and shower and wash our hair. Don't get how people can tolerate that. But then don't get why Michigan doesn't want to outlaw smoking in bars either.

But back to the ambiance. Can't quite figure out why I like it except that I've never had a neighborhood bar and I like having one. Definitely never went into a bar where the day manager and the owner knew me, knew my husband, and knew where I lived. I even kind of like the backwoods sports bar local historical color.

And I have to say the food is improving. Burgers have always been great. Locally brewed Bell's Oberon beer has been our favorite draft choice for quite a while. Wine option has gotten better (but stemless glasses are embarassingly not chic here). And last night ordered Wing Dings and salad and even the side salad has been upgraded from service in a plastic bowl to service on an oval china platter. The Johnny Walker Black isn't bad either.

I really would like to go some night to listen to loud music and dance drunkenly on the bar. Yea, right. When that happens everybody really will know my name...and not in a good way.

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