Monday, August 21, 2006

Practicing pies Up North

I'm running a little behind last year however. This is only about my third pie this summer. Made in honor of son's visit. Peach. Still, when sugar adverse son comments on it's perfection, all is worth while. On the other hand, he may have appreciated it most as a prop for his retro looking photos of the kitchen.

Pies are now company food. A generation ago, oops, make that actually in my own childhood, dessert was expected for family dinner. My Father, the Depression child, expected to be offered dessert of some kind, even on weeknights. (When there were cherry pits left in the pie he accused my Mother of somehow ensuring they showed up in his piece....)

Cooks of the last generation made enough pies to do them by rote. I keep hoping that I will memorize a crust recipe, but always have to re-confirm with Betty Crocker. 2 cups flour for a 2 crust pie, that part I'm sure about. But 2/3 cup shortening or 8 tablespoons? I can't remember and have to check. The amount of fruit I can eyeball accurately. In this case, 8 peaches. But had to check that 7/8 cup of sugar would be about right, plus some flour. A little cinnamon. Bake. Voila, a pie.

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