Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Cracking the Art of Food Writing

Just forced myself to put down Art of Eating (#71) after read the first story. Same as only allowing myself one chocolate Easter egg at a time. Ed Behr is the founder and editor of what looks and reads alot like a scholarly journal about food and I've been getting it for a couple of years. Each issue has 2-3 really long stories like the one I read about Olympia oysters, and long book reviews on food books and very odd photos. Sometime's there's also a full photo essay, all in black and white. Oddly, the contributors seem mostly men, including my Food Writer Hero John Thorne, and all credentialed. Intimidating but draws me like a magnet. I guess as a reader I'm part of SOME inner circle anyway.


MAK said...

There are many addictions in this world and having a friend that is addicted to fabulous cooking and sharing it with her friends is the best of all. Many a fine conversation and declarations have happened while sitting around her dinner table.

WonderPen said...

Indeed and yours one of the most memorable!